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Astrology is the age old practice of correlating events in the heavens to patterns on the Earth, patterns of life, death, personality, marriage, family life, work, healing and just about everything that might matter to human beings.

An ASTROLOGY CHART is a reading of the heavens at a particular moment in time. It is a picture of the sky, a snapshot of what is above the horizon as well as below. ASTROLOGERS then divide that picture into 12 sections — like slices of a pie — called HOUSES that corresponds to all the different kinds of activities that we might engage in: work (10th house), creative expression (5th house) and so on. The entire picture is all the possibilities of all life’s activities.

The PLANETS, situated in the sky at a particular time, have a particular place in the whole pie astrology chart and are drawn within their particular houses. Planets represent particular aspects of each individual, their tendencies, their characteristics, their minds, bodies, emotions, place in society, and every aspect of who that person is. So Mars represents the characteristic manner of one’s body ; Mercury characterizes the mind; and so on.

Because of the time of the year and day, each planet (and the Sun and the Moon) is in (has features of) a particular SIGN.  Twelve signs are the twelve signs of the ZODIAC. Each sign is a kind of flavor or tone. Each sign is a kind of family with a characteristic characteristics. So Aries feels hot and fiery and burns with intense activity and leads the way at the head of the pack. Taurus is practical, earthy and characteristically determined and easy going. And so on.

There are several kinds of astrology charts:


A birth chart is that picture of the heavens when you are born. Planets and the Sun and the Moon have a particular place in the sky and therefore, in your birth chart. It tells you much about the energies and tendencies that you came in with. It tells you much about who you are and what you are doing and thinking and feeling.

The job of an astrologer is to alert you to the meaning of each of the planets in whatever house they happen to reside and the significant relationships between those planets.

So if when you are born, the planet Mars was far below the horizon and resides in the 4th House of family and daily nurturance and personal foundations, and Mars is in the sign of Virgo, you have a tendency to attend assiduously to practical details, especially concerning cleanliness and orderliness at home. And so on and so on, through each of the positions in your chart.

But these are only trends and tendencies. Virgo can be done well or done poorly. Astrology does not determine what you do with who you are. But it can show you your personal trends.

Birth charts are an exercise in personal awareness.


Two astrology charts are compared to determine the trends and tendencies of a relationship. This is naturally a complex matter; and all relationships have their personal dynamic. A compatibility chart can point out the patterns of ease as well as the patterns of stress in a relationship, what is easy, what is difficult, what will work and what may need work, where you can go wrong and where it is simple to enjoy compatibility.


While a birth chart may tell you who you are in all your complex characteristics, a transit chart compares your birth chart to another place and time, to a chart of where the planets are at a particular moment, usually the present and the near — or even distant — future. A transit chart tells you what is up with the energies and tendencies of the world; and then compares your tendencies and characteristics to the tendencies and characteristics in the present moment.

Perhaps you would like to know if this is a good time for getting married or starting a business. By comparing what is happening at the moment with who you are, an astrologer can clue you in on the nature of your interaction with that moment, is it going to be simple or complicated, hard or easy, a stress and strain or is it workable and so on.

Things getting you down? Well, that may be because of a particular problem between a “transiting Moon” across your “natal Moon.” Cheer up, the Moon changes every couple of days and so may your mood. In a good mood, well, that also may not last, given the position of the planets in the sky next week and your chart. But a good astrologer can help you navigate those up and coming energies.


Progressed charts are a developmental measure. You start out with a particular birth chart but it is not only the heavens that change each moment, day, month and year. So do you. A progressed chart points out where you have been and where you are headed in your life irrespective of outside forces.

For example, if you Sun “progresses” out of your birth Sun in Leo and into Virgo, you might be changing at this time from an outgoing fun loving and inspired visual artist to a long period of work in the study, bringing your visions to practical fruition.

Progressed charts can also be compared to transit charts and the overlap between where you are headed and the direction of the rest of the world always makes for an interesting comparison.


There are astro-cartography charts that help you with physical location in the world, what are the particular energetic characteristics of a particular place and what is the dynamic relationship of you with that place.

OTHER CHARTS: There are family charts and employmentcharts comparing your birth chart to other members of your family or co-workers or comparing your chart to the business itself. There are birth charts for nations. There are many more types of charts.