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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


I would love to live
Like a river flows,
Carried by the surprise
Of its own unfolding.
poem by John O’Donohue

   Biodynamic Craniosacral sessions bring us to a slow, loving, fluid sense of ourselves. When I receive, I feel I am floating in spaciousness, an expansive state of being I have repeatedly experienced. I feel a deeply peaceful sense of balance, of oneness, of wholeness within my physical body. Thus, after extensive training I am honored to facilitate this work. May I introduce you to it?

   This Biodynamic Craniosacral system is a healing process that is not time dependent. You can feel this during a session as slowing down and relaxing into a space that allows a deep felt sense of safety and trust. Sessions actually promote slowing down the autonomic nervous system so your body can repair from the inside out. When stress is chronic as it is in today’s culture, we can implode (fight or flight response); so with BCST sessions, we try to ‘thaw out’ this implosion.

“The world of health has no perceptual tension, none.
The direction of ease is its true nature.
Ease is the river of life.
Ease opens a space. If we step into that space, we find a welcoming love.”  James Jealous, DO 2008

   During a session we are trusting the incredible intelligence of the body as we synchronize to ‘Primary Respiration’ – a long, slow movement, a deep fluid stillness, “the Breath of Life”. ‘Primary Respiration’ is a mysterious wisdom of the universe that manifests our healing potential. This inner intelligence becomes more present in a session, and a sustained stillness often emerges and continues.

   My role is to be present with this depth of stillness with each client. It can put us into direct contact with ‘a presence.’ Some find that time is suspended, and space is limitless. Perhaps this is the intersection where healing occurs.  As a practitioner I have learned to wait for this stillness, to deepen into a more primary state of consciousness and together, by being in relationship within our session our bodies entrain our tissues and fluids become “a unified field”. What is created is a holding field of caring and attentiveness. The stillness within is a living sensory experience.

   Health in the body is stronger than the suffering, a slow tempo gives us access to the dynamic healing possibilities moving us towards what is nurturing and away from the pain. We only engage in HEALTH.

   Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is an empathy based model: no judgment, openhearted. Our compassion creates a safe place for this story-line to advance into an expansiveness that will allow life to flow through, in, and around the mind and body.

   We are changing the paradigm from healing “work” to one of actualizing “wholeness”. It is important to learn about our own body and its relationship to the wholeness through our sensations. This is a ‘present’ way of being in the world. Stillness moves from the inside out and is located inside each person. The heart has the most availability to this stillness. Wholeness is conserved through the fluid system and it is with slowness and stillness that this wholeness is touched in present time during the therapeutic process.

Becoming conscious of stillness whenever we encounter it
in our lives will connect us with the formless and timeless
dimension within ourselves, that which is beyond thought, beyond ego. . .
You are never more essentially, more deeply, yourself than when you are still. . .
When you are still, you are who you are beyond your temporal existence:
consciousness – unconditioned, formless, eternal.” A New Earth

   The simplicity of this work is within each of us to sense. Be curious about this felt sense of slowing down, finding the stillness within, and experience the Art of Becoming with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

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