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Touch Drawing

Touch Drawing is a simple form of creative expression. No art experience is necessary.  It is a wonderful modality for self-discovery and a way to “listen” to what your unconscious mind is trying to bring up to the surface – like a dream being expressed through your fingertips.

Some have called it a form of “artistic meditation”.  Others have used it to process challenging experiences.  My friend has used it in her work as a Hospice social worker as a revealing process for caregivers and relatives to explore their feelings around death and dying.

Each image is made by touching paper which has been laid over an inked board. The inks are water-based oil paints. Your hands, fingers, palms, fingernails are the “tools” that you use to channel feelings, emotions and sensations in your body.  Your fingers are on top of the paper and never directly touch the ink that is rolled smoothly onto the board.

During a session you may produce 15 to 20 images.  Each drawing offers clues to the next.  You draw what is present for you in the moment.  I find that this medium allows my spirit to soar.  There is no planned idea of what will appear on the paper—it is just revealed.  I personally have used this expressive art for my own deep grief work, for healing my headache pain, and for freeing up creative blocks.  This gentle process can open up opportunities to dialogue with hidden parts of ourselves.  One form, endless uses.

I invite you to join me in this process of self discovery either during a one on one session or by signing up for one of my workshops.