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Phil’s services for Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture were key for resolving both chronic and acute conditions

for myself and my family. Thank you Phil!”

V. Srikanth
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

“I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran. Nothing has helped me more with many chronic problems, from lingering

symptoms of malaria to painful war injuries, than acupuncture. It keep me from having to take pain killing drugs

that leave me mentally disoriented. If acupuncture can help me, it could help anyone. ”

George Shaw
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

“After a long struggle with Crohn’s Disease, I have decided to share my success story with those who might

be in a similar situation. This is such a challenging disease in so many ways. I hope that I may offer

some help to at least one person out there…”



I am blessed to receive Biodynamic work from Pat every month. My experience on the table is that I go into

a floating trance, undefinable and unknowable by my thinking mind, but long lasting in the peace and healing

it brings me. Words cannot explain the gift of this peaceful energy work. Pat enters the spaciousness with the

recipient, me, in the most nurturing silence, holding the space for my expansion in the Oneness of Light,

in the flow of Spirit. I am so thankful she took the extensive training to do this work. What a gift!

In Love & Light,



A place of deep rest awaits one who journeys under the skillful guidance of Pat Kosdan, biodynamic cranial

sacral massage therapist. Here, letting go and letting the breath find its own equilibrium, I reach boundless

tranquility. Trusting this process rewards clients who come seeking the body’s healing wisdom.
18 February 2016