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Post Flu Malaise

The flu season this year, at least in this part of North Carolina, seemed to fan out and infect a good portion of the population, including this practitioner-herbalist. One feature of this flu also appeared to be, besides its characteristic cough that lingered for days, and for some people, weeks on end, a notable dip in energy that lasted even long after the cough was gone.

Well, Chinese herbs to the rescue. There is a Chinese herb formula I regularly use a good balanced general tonic, that is good for your blood and what traditional Chinese Medicine calls your “nutritive level.” It is also quite good for your energy as well. It is an excellent recovery formula; and I even prescribe it for patients post-surgically. Most everyone who takes it reports a quicker than usual recovery whether from surgery or from the flu.

It is balanced and safe, and can be taken as a general tonic for long periods of time. Personally, I have taken it for years. Calgary Flames Jersey

Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Other Psychological Problems

According to my Chinese herb teacher, Ted Kaptchuk, author of The Web That Has No Weaver, originally the most potent herbs were considered the most psychoactive. In fact, the use of herbs for physical problems only comes later. First and foremost, herbs were understood and appreciated for their ability to change one’s state of mind.Continue Reading

High Blood Pressure

Can Chinese herbs help and cure high blood pressure (HBP)? As in all problems in medicine, it depends. And what it depends on is cause. So what are some of the typical causes of HBP which itself can lead to other and serious consequences. Some typical causes: overweight, stress and tension, old age arthrosclerosis, dysfunctionContinue Reading

Hair Loss +

Normal male pattern baldness is not a condition that Chinese herbs treats. It is considered normal and natural that men as they age lose their head hair. One simply inherits that trait and that is that.      However, if hair loss is precipitous in men or in women, then there is a problem. Chinese MedicineContinue Reading

From Heartburn to Irritable Bowels, Crohn’s +

Chinese herbs are especially effective for digestive problems from one end to the other of the digestive system. • Conditions treated well with Chinese herbs: esophagitis, heartburn, overacidic stomach, gall bladder pain, stomach and intestinal pain, irritable bowel, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, and hemorrhoids, these are justsome of the distresses of the digestive system that ChineseContinue Reading

Acne, Excema, Psoriasis, Roseata and Other Skin Problems

In acupuncture the results are usually quick. Herbs are slower acting but at least the beginning of results generally shows up fairly soon as well. Chronic skin problems are the one set of issues that usually require patience of patients. Skin itself takes time to change and even if everything is working using Chinese herbsContinue Reading

Weight Loss

Food pounds in, activity level out. Weight in, weight out. Calories in, calories out. Somehow, for Americans, it is becoming more and more a losing set of propositions. But instead of losing weight, Americans are gaining weight. And accumulating diet plans galore. Chinese herbs are not a panacea for losing weight, but they can beContinue Reading

Menstrual Problems

Chinese Herbs For Menstrual Problems          As different as cultures themselves are, medical cultures, too, are unique to each society. While in traditional Chinese Medicine and the society of which it was apart considered any menstrual problems cause for concern, in Western society it is only when menstrual problems become severe that women and theirContinue Reading


Interestingly, distressful menopausal symptoms, although uncommon in China, are frequent amongst women in the United States. Either because of diet or lifestyle, because they do not report it or because they use Chinese herbs, Chinese women do not suffer as women here from hot flashes, sweats, vaginal dryness and a variety of other problems thatContinue Reading

Fertility, A Clinician Eye View

The question asked: are Chinese Herbs effective for fertility issues? This herbal clinician’s answer is: yes, but there are limits. What do Chinese Herbs do best? Here is what the herbal clinician thinks: For women:             • Chinese Herbs can frequently correct the timing of ovulations and periods, as well as the timing of uterineContinue Reading