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Acne, Excema, Psoriasis, Roseata and Other Skin Problems

In acupuncture the results are usually quick. Herbs are slower acting but at least the beginning of results generally shows up fairly soon as well. Chronic skin problems are the one set of issues that usually require patience of patients. Skin itself takes time to change and even if everything is working using Chinese herbs seeing a difference can take months.

However, treating chronic skin problems from the inside out, not simply with topical ointments — although those are available herbally as well and can speed visible relief — for the long term and to heal the skin disorder so that it does not reappear is possible with Chinese herbs. Although there is certainly a problem on the external surface of the body, treating chronic skin problems internally, as a problem of internal disharmony, rebalances the internal chemistry that is expressing itself on the outside.

Where the skin problem is cuts, bruises, infection, wounds, scarring, etc. where the issue is obviously simply external and the problem is not chronic, then topical ointments — again, available herbally — are called for.

Some of the conditions that Chinese herbs treat well are:

acne: teenage or adult; generally calls for herbs that help regulate hormones and/or cleanses microbial toxins and boosts the immune system

excema: generally calls for herbs that moisten the skin from the inside out and reduce inflammation

psoriasis: an emphasis more on anti-inflammatory herbs; and then, herbs that re-harmonize the whole body whether there is chronic dryness or chronic stress or any of a variety of possibilities

roseata: again an emphasis on anti-inflammatory herbs, but especially upper body and face oriented herbs; and then herbs to treat the source of the internal imbalances

Other problems such as excessive chronic dry skin or excessive chronic oily skin or dandruff or any of a variety of immediate or chronic skin problems please call or e-mail for the herbalist’s opinion whether Chinese herbs are right for your problem. Brandon Marshall Authentic Jersey

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