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Fertility, A Clinician Eye View

The question asked: are Chinese Herbs effective for fertility issues? This herbal clinician’s answer is: yes, but there are limits. What do Chinese Herbs do best? Here is what the herbal clinician thinks:

For women:

            • Chinese Herbs can frequently correct the timing of ovulations and periods, as well as the timing of uterine temperature variations — two crucial factors in getting pregnant.

• Chinese Herbs can frequently correct other menstrual problems that interfere with getting pregnant that express themselves as mild or severe clotting of blood and/or  scanty or excess menstrual flow during periods or headache, breast tenderness or general malaise before periods

• Chinese Herbs for fertility are generally nourishing; they create a better uterine environment enhancing chances for pregnancy but also benefit the developing fetus as well and help to prevent miscarriages

• Chinese Herbs can also be simply relaxing and an aid to mood enhancement, a not unimportant factor in  getting pregnant. In conjunction with Chinese Herbs, acupuncture can be very helpful as an adjunct therapy promoting relaxation and the positive flow of energy and blood.

• Chinese Herbs can help with other problems that interfere as well with getting pregnant. Consult with the herbalist to find out if Chinese Herbs can help you.

For men:

            • Chinese Herbs may be able to increase the motility of (the speed)  and number of sperm — for men, two crucial factors in creating pregnancy

• Chinese Herbs may be able to correct other erectile dysfunction problems: desire, stamina, ability to have an erection, etc.

• Chinese Herbs may be used to promote relaxation.

            • Chinese Herbs can help with other problems that interfere as well with getting pregnant. Consult with the herbalist to find out if Chinese Herbs can help you.

Chinese Herbs’ Limits

            Chinese Herbs will not be successful where there are major structural problems, injures or deficiencies. For example, scarring of fallopian tubes, when eggs cannot travel from the ovaries to the uterus, in that case, Chinese Herbs cannot correct this problem and therapy would not be successful.

If for genetic reasons — not hormonal problems in which case Chinese Herbs may be quite beneficial — it is impossible for women to produce eggs or men to produce sperm, Chinese Herbs cannot correct this problem and therapy would not be successful.

Other severe problems may require a physician fertility specialist as well. Chinese Herbs are not a panacea treatment for infertility, but for the many problems women and men are experiencing of common imbalances today, Chinese Herbs are less invasive, do not require taking strong and potent drugs and are generally free of side effects — except that raw herb teas taste bad and are somewhat difficult to digest.

The herbalist can help you figure out if Chinese Herbs will possibly help you.

A Personal Story & Testimonials

            I have two granddaughters and now a third coming. My daughters had both been married several years, were into their 30s and having trouble for several years getting pregnant. It just was not happening and my youngest daughter mentioned to her mom that she was thinking of going to a fertility specialist. Since I had been successful helping women in the past, I urged her to try Chinese Herbs with acupuncture first. After three months I could see that her cycle was perfect and I had no doubt she would get pregnant soon — the odds are 1 in 4 even when everything is going fine.

She became pregnant that next month. Her older sister was on the phone the next day and wanted to start treatments as well. A couple of months later and she was pregnant, too.

I am overjoyed to be a grandfather and as our daughters live close by, I get to see them frequently. My heart sings everytime I see them, especially knowing that I could help bring them about.

But there have been others as well through my years in general practice that now are happy parents due to the assistance of Chinese Herbs. Ronde Barber Jersey

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