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Hair Loss +

Normal male pattern baldness is not a condition that Chinese herbs treats. It is considered normal and natural that men as they age lose their head hair. One simply inherits that trait and that is that.      However, if hair loss is precipitous in men or in women, then there is a problem. Chinese Medicine in general sees this condition as usually fairly serious, especially when it happens in younger adults; although even in the elderly, great hair loss is taken seriously.

As with man chronic skin problems, Chinese Medicine considers too much hair loss that is not caused by an obvious external problem, e.g. hair loss from burns, a problem of internal disharmony. In hair loss the problem is generally, but not always, a matter of a deep depletion of fundamental energies and blood.

This kind of depletion can be the result of poor diet and/or chronic excessive stress that is psychological or physical or both, excessive loss of blood due to many possible causes, and other strains that have tired the body to the point of one’s hair falling out. The toxicity of cancer chemotherapy is, of course, another possibility that can cause great hair loss. (Chinese herbs used with the approval and advice of an oncologist may — or may not — be able to help.)

The purpose of herbal treatments is to replenish. Chinese herbal medicine has a tonic tradition that is particularly well suited to revitalize.

Chinese herbs also can slow or reverse graying hair, either premature or later onset. However, this usually requires long term use of the herbs. This is not considered a problem in Chinese herb practice as, again, the herbs given are generally beneficial and tonic — and can be taken for long periods of time. Tom Pyatt Womens Jersey

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