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High Blood Pressure

Can Chinese herbs help and cure high blood pressure (HBP)? As in all problems in medicine, it depends. And what it depends on is cause. So what are some of the typical causes of HBP which itself can lead to other and serious consequences.

Some typical causes: overweight, stress and tension, old age arthrosclerosis, dysfunction of other internal organs, lack of exercise, inherited tendency, cholesterol clogged arteries, heart disease, etc.

How can Chinese medicine help?

OVERWEIGHT: If the cause of your HBP is being overweight, Chinese herbs will not directly effect blood pressure. Chinese herbs can help with diet and help you lose weight, however. So the effect is indirect, but important.

STRESS AND TENSION: Chinese herbs can promote relaxation. There are many who have HBP without being overweight, but who are under work or home or relationship stress for long periods of time and who develop chronic HBP. Chinese herbs can be effective in lowering more directly this kind of HBP, but I would also recommend counseling, bio-feedback and the like to help with the stress and tension.

ARTHERIOSCLEROSIS: Chinese herbs may not be effective for hardening of the arteries due to ageing or chronic HBP that has lead to artery hardening. Chinese herbs and medicine may be preventive, but once arteries have become pathological the role of Chinese herbs may be marginal.

INTERNAL ORGAN DYSFUNCTIONS: If Chinese herbs can help relieve problems with other organs e.g. the kidneys, then they can help indirectly to help with HBP

LACK OF EXERCISE: The answer is exercise, not medicine. Chinese herbs may help marginally because they can be tonic for the heart and blood vessels, but strength the body and heart by beginning and continuing physical activity is the real and more important solution.

INHERITED TENDENCY: Because herbs can be tonic and mildly strengthening to the body in particular ways, they may help with this inherited tendency within the limits of what a body will be willing to do.

CHOLESTEROL CLOGGED ARTERIES & HEART DISEASE: In conjunction with Chinese herbs I would highly recommend Dean Ornish’s diet (Google: Dean Ornish diet for many references to his books) that is well documented to relieve clogged arteries and reverse heart disease. Some standard Western drugs are also effective, of course.

Whatever the cause and reason for dangerous HBP, you may contact the herbalist at CommonHealth for advice about whether Chinese herbs might help you. Brandon Scherff Authentic Jersey

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