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Astrology & Shamanism


Astrological Services

I have been reading astrology charts, off and on, for more than 40 years. Whether it is a reading of your birth chart, a later reading of your progressions or transits, or simply advise and counseling based on one or all of these, I believe that my explanations of the astrological dimensions of your life are accurate and easy to understand. Readings, to my mind, should not be so esoteric as to be divorced from day to day practical life, action and consciousness. Astrology should be immediately useful by adding to our understanding of who we are, the dynamics of our being and our relationship to other people and the world around us. Astrological readings allows us to pause and reflect on our lives; and, in looking, in seeing the bigger picture of what is up with our lives, we should have more space and ease in making decisions and in reformulating our approach to the world and, not coincidentally, ourselves.


Shamanic Services

As with astrology, I have been an off and on Shaman, now for about 25 years. Whether it is what are called “Soul Retrievals” or “Extractions” or “Power Animal Retrievals,” I am comfortable journeying to the world of the spirits and Spirit for you. I also can teach some of the very techniques that I use, even during the same session that I am journeying. We can take this voyage together. In performing this service for others — and even myself — I am frequently, if not always, surprised by what I experience on a journey and how shamanism appears to go to the core of psychological and emotional problems and help with them.

While I have a Master’s degree in Psychology and know a good deal about Western counseling techniques, I am, nonetheless, impressed with how quickly and thoroughly ancient tribal shamanic techniques can get to the heart of many a psychological matter.