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Therapeutic Massage & Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

An Integrated Set of Therapeutic Massage Services

My therapeutic massage and bodywork practice has been created and expanded over the past twenty years. Whether you present tight and aching muscles, the need to reduce the stresses carried in your body from your life, you are seeking rest and some deep relaxation to rejuvenate your spirit, or you need some quiet,nourishing space to slow your mind and breathe more deeply, together we will plan a treatment that will meet your needs. I have discovered that in helping clients think about what is being sensed in their muscles they are bringing their minds away from their busy thoughts and are pulled into the present moment. A gift of awareness.

The modalities you receive during one of our sessions may include:

  • Fascia work
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Reflexology
  • La Stone therapy or another form of hydrotherapy
  • Deep tissue techniques
  • Swedish strokes
  • Reiki energy Healing
  • Healing Touch work

I feel that it is an honor to have the license to touch another human being. It is as sacred as a prayer to place my hands on my client for their therapeutic session. The most diverse sensory organ is our skin. Body/mind pathways can be challenged by simple touch and encouraged to relax, detox and de-stress, assisting each client in finding balance and a deep peace within themselves. Massage not only relieves tension in muscles and fascia but during a session it brings nutrition to every cell and clears out cellular waste that has built up in our bodies. Massage is well documented as one of the very powerful ways to support each person’s health and wellness plan. I am grateful for my role in this process.