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Post Flu Malaise

The flu season this year, at least in this part of North Carolina, seemed to fan out and infect a good portion of the population, including this practitioner-herbalist. One feature of this flu also appeared to be, besides its characteristic cough that lingered for days, and for some people, weeks on end, a notable dip in energy that lasted even long after the cough was gone.

Well, Chinese herbs to the rescue. There is a Chinese herb formula I regularly use a good balanced general tonic, that is good for your blood and what traditional Chinese Medicine calls your “nutritive level.” It is also quite good for your energy as well. It is an excellent recovery formula; and I even prescribe it for patients post-surgically. Most everyone who takes it reports a quicker than usual recovery whether from surgery or from the flu.

It is balanced and safe, and can be taken as a general tonic for long periods of time. Personally, I have taken it for years. Calgary Flames Jersey

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