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Talking Advertising I

Given our First Amendment right to free speech, I am not one who would censor pharmaceutical advertisements on the television or any where else for that matter. However, why anyone would want any of those drugs after listening to their possible draconian side effects that often cover in time about half the commercial is a bit beyond my understanding. Why any man — including myself — would risk an erection that went on for hours or blindness so that he can get it up one more time before high cholesterol clogs his arteries so badly that his heart bereft of bloody support seizes up and dies is also beyond my comprehension. Of course, there are then the pharmaceuticals for high cholesterol, so perhaps, taking both the drugs for heart as well as genitals would solve all your problems, at one or the other end of your torso.


            Yet, excuse me if the principle of for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so easily learned in high school physics, predisposes me to a great deal of skepticism when applied to utopian visions of later days romance and sex. I do not begrudge any company the right to seduce you into seducing your romantic partner — even if the consequence are other asexual physical disabilities. Your choice and it is a free country after all. Your own foolishness is your own business.


            When the time comes that my physical desires end, may my psychological passions wane quickly to match up.


            Of course, I am at a bit of an advantage over the typical consumer of sporting events who is the object of all those erection ads. I am an herbalist, an herbalist of Chinese Herbs. And Chinese herbal traditions contain herbs both to increase physical desire and the possibility of erective function, but also herbs to cool the passions, physical and emotional. And, knowing Chinese herbs and the wisdom inherent in the internal use of organic chemicals from plants, animals and minerals for many thousands of years, the kinks in the system worked out far better than a system of pharmaceuticals that is no older than fifty years, I and my patients are much safe.


            Moreover, in a system of Yin and Yang, that is, understanding in those terms the principle of for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, side effects are, if not non-existent, minimal. And that is, minimal not only in number, buy in effect.


            I am quite sure that it is possible to injure someone using Chinese herbs. There are those who are allergic to particular foods, some nuts, some seafood, or others. One person or another could be allergic to some particular medicinal plant or another.


            Yet, in practicing herbalism for over 20 years, I can easily proclaim, that compared to any doctor dispensing pharmaceuticals, Chinese herbs are so much safer that we are not talking about the same ball park, maybe not even the same city that the ball park is situated in.




            Next blog: while I think advertising of pharmaceuticals or herbs or vitamins or whatever should not be censored, why don’t I care at all for advertising in medicine in general!





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